From its inception, EDUN’s mission has been to source sustainable production and encourage trade in Africa by mixing its creative vision with the richness and positivity of this fast-growing continent.

    Our Mission.

    EDUN is building long-term growth opportunities by working with artisans, manufacturers and community-based initiatives to develop high-end designer products that celebrate and challenge ethical and sustainable fashion.

    EDUN’s ready to wear and accessory collections are led by an internal creative collective based in New York. The collective works closely with different partners throughout the African continent and some international mills who are exploring new eco alternatives.


    Our Beliefs.


    We believe that sustainable initiatives are key for today’s consumer, we all need to be mindful of our global environment.  


    Africa is now the fastest growing continent and is both resourceful and abundantly creative. As a pioneer in its social mission, it has never felt so relevant for EDUN to explore unique opportunities in the African continent.

    Our Partners.

    Our partners inspire us, and we continue to work to hone their craft with them.

    Innovations come to life via reimagined handwork techniques, unexpected materials and through repurposing existing resources in fresh ways. 



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    Social Impact.

    It is important for us to use fashion to create new opportunities, reimagine trade and train new generations.

    We communicate on a daily basis with all our partners to build up our skill set and learn from each other. Despite the difficult business climate in which we exist, we believe in putting respect over greed and engaging people with dignity. Over time, we are creating a more sustainable system and showing that ethical production is possible.

    Our Sourcing.

    The sourcing of each collection is a mix of innovative eco solutions (organic, recycled, and upcycled fabric) and artisanal custom-made fabric developments and embellishments made in Africa.

    The origin of our products, as well as the stories behind them, remains front and center. It is key to reveal where things come from; we believe this approach is beneficial to all.


    Sustainability is the crux of our values; a reason to exist that is both ethical and responsible.

    The majority of our collections are sourced from mills that minimize their impact on the environment, with organic, recyclable or biodegradable qualities but also with water conservation, usage of solar energy or less pesticides. This aids in having a less harmful impact on the planet.

    Being a sustainable-forward company means working with new and evolving materials, challenging traditional ideas but also investing in quality.